N158 Speed Chart

The N158 is our lightest ski. It also boasts the sharpest turning radius. A thinner tri-wood core makes for a softer ski – ideal for smaller frame and/or lighter weight skiers. The N158’s softness delivers a smooth and easy exit from every carved turn. Skiing bumps, trees, or powder the N158 engages in dynamic turns, not simply sliding, as even lighter skiers are able to flex the ski.

N168 Speed Chart

The longer, stiffer N168 really shines when skiing at high speeds. But don’t be intimidated…the 168 is soft enough for most intermediate skiers. A stiffer flex builds kinetic energy throughout the turn leading to a lively and fun propulsion from one turn to the next. The N168 is the true all-mountain ski. Powder, bumps, or trees – the N168’s responsiveness delivers fun in every type of snow or terrain.

N178 Speed Chart

The Northland N178 is our big guy cruiser. It thrives at high speeds. A stiffer body and slightly less cambered construction propels even bigger skiers through crud and push piles with a stable feeling underfoot. The wider body floats on powder. While it loves to be let loose the N178 is plenty agile delivering an impressive 13 meter radius.

Northland ski Performance Chart