Northland Ski Reflection

A Storied History

Northland Skis have been around a long time. Over 100 years. In fact, Northland is the oldest ski brand in the U.S.A. We’re proud of our heritage but our history does not characterize us today. The new line of Northland Skis are anything but old fashioned.

Northland Skis are elegant but dynamic. They are designed for carving turns on the mountain. Camber and sidecut deliver a thrilling all-mountain skiing experience. The traditional wood top sheet evokes nostalgia for a simpler time when skiing was about outdoor winter fun – not branding.

Camber Rocker

Camber describes the shape of a traditional ski. Place one on a flat surface. It will rest on points near its tip and tail while its waist (midsection) arcs upward. This built-in arch is the camber of the ski.

Camber puts springiness and pop into a ski. It permits easy handling, responsive turning, powerful carving, stability, and, due to ample edge contact with the snow, good grip on crud and icy slopes.

Rocker is essentially the opposite of camber, thus is also known as reverse camber or negative camber. For us camber is the key to a true all-mountain ski.

A Look Into the Future

Northland Skis are handcrafted in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Craft made exemplifies the artistic skill and quality obsession that goes into every pair we make. Steamboat serves as our home mountain and our test lab. Materials and techniques come out of our shop and are put to the test on-mountain – in minutes. We evaluate our skis daily. In all snow conditions. All terrain. Refinements are envisioned on the mountain. Enhancements come to life in our factory.

Our craft made skis begin with the finest materials. We are particular about what goes into our skis. We use a 100% sustainable wood core for its durability, performance, and a nod to the origins of skiing. We begin with our exclusive Tri-wood core made of Beetle-kill Lodgepole Pine/Ash/Hickory. The core is combined with full-length sheets of Kevlar, carbon fiber, and triaxial weave fiberglass to work together for quick responsiveness at slower speeds, while remaining stable and reliable at high speeds.

The Northland Skis line is an echo of a time when the perfection of craftsmanship and every detail mattered.