Built To Carve

Skis built to Carve handcrafted in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The principle of the carving ski is fairly simple. The ski has curved edges so that it is narrower underfoot than at the tip and tail. This means that when it is tipped onto its edge it will bend under the weight of the skier. The further it is tipped, the more it will bend. The skis follow the curve of the edge meeting the snow and turn in a smooth arc. This arc is controlled by the shape of the ski, the amount it is tipped over and the amount of pressure on it.

All Mountain Carving Performance

Northland Skie N158

The thinner core and narrower tip/tail for turns with less effort
An easy flex ski for a nimble rebound
after every turn
Sharpest turning radius
Ideal for smaller and/or lighter skiers
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Northland Skie N168

Truly an all-mountain skiers ski
Lively propulsion into the next turn
Floats easily over the deep snow but never intimidated by crud
Suited for skiers between 140 – 180 lbs
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Northland Skie N178

Our ‘big guy’ cruiser – stiffest and heaviest for larger framed skiers 190 lbs plus
Thrives at high speeds
Pushes through all types of snow
80 mm width under foot keeps even bigger skiers floating in powder
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Northland Skis – Since 1911. Back then our original motto was “Speed is Life”. Over 100 years later nothing has changed. While we are proud of our heritage we relish where we are headed. Today’s Northland skis evoke our traditional artisanal craftsmanship with an elegant wood top sheet. Don’t let the genteel appearance fool you. Our tri-wood core paired with a cambered, hourglass shape is built for speed – engaging perfect turns in all terrain and snow conditions.