Carving Is King

A Carved Turn Is The Most Efficient Turn In Skiing. Northland Skis are Built to Carve.

A carve turn refers to a turning technique in which the ski shifts to one side or the other on its edges. When edged, the shape of the sidecut causes the ski to bend into an arc and the ski naturally follows this arc shape to produce a turning motion.

Built To Carve

Sometimes a thing is built with an inherent purpose in its form. All cars are meant to transport you from one place to another. But then there are cars that are meant to be driven. They are meant to exist beyond the purpose of transportation. They are meant to be let loose, pushed hard, driven fast, with unprecedented performance. They are more than a means of transport. They develop a connection between operator and road, fostering a synergy between two warring elements. A car like this begs the user to fly into turns, and with such trust it grips the road, and at the end of the turn propels itself forward with acceleration. Some things are just built, but some things are built for purpose.

Northland Skis are built to carve.  It is our purpose, with each ski created, to provide the ultimate thrill ride down any terrain. Due to its aggressive full edge sidecut, they are a ski that thrives when placed on edge, never wavering in its grip of the snow, regardless of terrain. They dare the rider to push into the next turn a little harder, knowing full well they are more than capable to handle whatever is thrown at it. Our layup construction, like a well tuned suspension, is designed specifically to target multiple elements that may face the user. Our Tri-Wood core, combined with a full length layer of kevlar absorb and deflect  energy and reverberations that often come from higher speeds while on skis, creating a solid, and incredibly smooth platform for the user. The stability of the ski urges the user to open them up to higher speeds, never causing a feeling of discomfort.

The built in camber combines with the full length layers of triaxial weave fiberglass and carbon fiber to create the perfect flex when the ski engages in a turn. The camber flexes when pressure is applied, and then when pressure is released, the ski snaps back to its cambered form, causing a smooth, yet playful transition out of the turn, propelling the skier from one turn to the other with power and grace.

To say that a carve on a Northland Ski is an experience to be had is an understatement. As stated earlier, some things are built with a specific purpose inherent in its form. Northland Skis are not just a means of getting you down the mountain, from the top of one chairlift to the bottom of another. Northland Skis are built to provide an experience unlike any ski on the market. They are built to foster that connection between skier and snow. They are built to cultivate a synthesis between man and nature. They are Built To CARVE.